Wednesday, December 14, 2005
where does the day go?

Another day eaten up by errands.

We had to take Paul's car back to the shop, then went to the grocery store etc. I hate going grocery shopping. Actually I hate shopping of any kind. I like having the new items just don't like going and getting them and all the decision making that's involved. I am so thankful for the internet, I can shop at home!

So the day flew by with not a whole lot accomplished and I tried not to feel guilty about it, but managed to feel guilty anyway and now have a migraine. I did get to have a great session with my business coach and it was wonderful as usual. She always has a way of helping me look at things with a new perspective.

Here's a detail of a commission that I just finished up. OK, I'm off to get some work done before Project Runway! I can't wait!
claudine- have you finished all your commissions yet? I have 4 more to do before the deadline. I having been thinking of you as I as working on mine.

yes! I just put the finishing touches on the last one for the holidays, now to pack them up and ship out. good luck with yours :)
im with you on the shoppping issue- most especially this time of year !

How Awesome was project Runway?

Dam, I wish I could find a sewing teacher =)

N a m a s t e
Relax now and get ready for your birthday. Daddy and I have some nice gifts for you...just want to find a gap in your crowded schedule to get together. I'm working Saturday. Love you
I really love this poppet - the arrangement - the colors! Very - very cool!!
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